Matthias Van den Brande


Matthias Van den Brande is a young saxophone player and composer/arranger with already an interesting story. Having lived and studied in various corners of the world, from his home country Belgium to the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and the United States (Philadelphia), he developed a strong voice and personality in the jazz idiom and beyond. Recently, Matthias played and recorded as a soloist with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra for the project ‘The Future Is Now’. In 2018, he released his debut album as a leader called ‘Opus #1’, blending a classical wind quintet and a jazz quartet together through his own original compositions and arrangements. Currently Matthias is performing with his award winning trio, featuring some of Europe's most prolific musicians.

Matthias is also a frequently asked sideman in various groups such as the Tijs Klaassen Quintet, Mo van der Does Motet, Saxkartel, Marit van der Lei Nextet, Basile Rahola Quartet, ... Venues you might have seen him play at include the Bimhuis (NL), Bozar (BE), Lantarenvenster (NL), North Sea Jazz Festival (NL), Gent Jazz Festival (BE), deSingel (BE), Jazz Middelheim (BE), ...

For recent shows, check the concert list on this website or follow Matthias and his bands on social media.


Matthias Van den Brande Trio - 'Grand Prix Du Jury' - Tremplin Jazz 'Concours Européen' Avignon (2022)

Matthias Van den Brande Trio - 'Prix du meilleur instrumentaliste' - Tremplin Jazz 'Concours Européen' Avignon (2022)
Matthias Van den Brande Trio – B-Jazz Contest 'Grand Prize Albert Michiels' (2022)
Tijs Klaassen Quintet – SENA performers award, Dutch Jazz Competition (2021)
Mo van der Does Motet – Keep an Eye the Records (2020)
Matthias Van den Brande Group – Art of Musical Expression Award (2018)
Tijs Klaassen Quintet – Keep an Eye the Records (2018)

Spoken Saxophone Quartet – Keep an Eye the Records (2017)
Matthias Van den Brande - Cultuurprijs Deurne (2011)

Matthias Van den Brande Trio

The Matthias Van den Brande Trio was created by its bandleader/saxophonist in 2021 and features two of his favorite musicians: Tijs Klaassen (bass) and Wouter Kühne (drums). This intimate trio setting provides them the freedom to explore the freshly composed material by Matthias himself. Their mutual friendship and strong musical connection are the true foundation of this sensational trio.

In the summer of 2022, the trio won the 'Grand Prize' at both the B-Jazz Contest (Gent Jazz Festival) and the Tremplin Jazz 'Concours Européen' (Avignon Jazz Festival). After their first EP 'Approaching The Present' (2022), the Matthias Van den Brande Trio released the album 'Three Sides on a Coin' on ZenneZ Records on June 15 2023 in Bimhuis (Amsterdam) followed by an international release tour in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Spain.

Matthias Van den Brande

Saxophone, compositions

Wouter Kühne

" We're looking for that magical place where the past and future dissolve into one moment, followed by the next one, and the next one... approaching ... the present ...... space ..... balance .... flow ... interaction ... risk taking .... honesty .... tradition => innovation ... counterpoint ..... composed <=> improvised ... personal ... friendship .... vulnerable ..... strong "


"... Ce fut un concert épatant et parfaitement audible avec trois instrumentistes exceptionnels et très fins qui ont bien mérité leurs deux prix."

Florence Ducommun


"I love the space they used. They were very creative using the trio and different sounds, also embedded in tradition but with a modern approach. The interplay was just great!"

Maarten Weyler

Belgian musicologist | Koninklijk Conservatorium Gent & Halewynstichting

"I really loved the concept of the 2 voices of sax and bass. The very adult, very deep felt music and sound was really amazing. Fantastic compositions, really nostalgic with a nice gentle touch. Really fantastic!"

Sabine Kûhlich

German singer & composer | Jazz Voice Hochschule für Musik Würzburg

"Very good interplay between rhythmical section and saxophone, original pieces but in connection with tradition and jazz language. No patterns and licks but very deep and full language and sound."

Nicola Di Tommaso

Italian guitarist & composer | Saint Louis College of Music in Rome

"The tunes were so rich with colours and harmony and interplay. Propulsion, but never too much. You really embraced the emptiness of not having an harmonic instrument. Bravo!"

Artan Buleshkaj

Belgian gitarist & composer

"Very good balance and rhythmic patterns. There is a really good interaction in the band. We heard high quality music and very good melodic ideas. It was very interesting to hear you guys, thank you!" 

Aygül Günaltay-Weyler

Turkey | PhD in classical music & pianist